Oh No! It’s A MLM. Run!

The age old acronym MLM which stands for “Multi-Level Marketing”, or if you’re a pessimist “Most Lose Money.” Thank goodness it is now called network marketing. And, network marketing in many cases is the improved system of the failed illegal pyramid schemes. It’s strange how the largest marketing company in the world is still operating […]

Continue To Do What You’re Doing, But!

Many of us have been bombarded by online coaches, gurus, and pretenders marketing their wannabe incredible traffic software products. Once we give them our email addresses to explore their so-called easy 1 to 3 step clicking systems; we find out that they’re iframe codes that require other marketers to participate in order for you to […]

Competitive Marketers

I got today’s blog idea from an experience I just had with a fellow marketer. This marketer contacted me through social media by friend suggestion. I checked the guy’s background out and gladly accepted his request. He later sent a greeting video, which I thought was unique. So, I followed up with a greeting of […]