Acquiring Downline Members

So many are afraid to become a part of a network marketing business because they either don’t like the idea of acquiring others to work with them, or they have to come up with a lot of money to join that particular company. And, don’t get me started on the above picture, because that business model will make potential members run for the hills. If you are on the recruiting side of the business, you know that you have to be persistent and creatively consistent.

First, being persistent means that you have to follow up on the people that said no to you. No, I don’t mean hound them by bringing up what you do every time that you see them. I’m talking about sending them an email once a week highlighting small details and testimonials of others and their success. Be friendly and genuine every time you see them. If you were a friend before, don’t lose that friendship over a business venture.

Next, be creatively consistent. People like honesty and knowing that you have completely bought into what you’re doing. Don’t try to “Sugar Coat” things; be straight forward and professional. Remember your training. People are generally afraid of what they don’t know. Teach them in a way that relates to them. Adapting to your future partner’s or client’s needs is the best method in acquiring them.

Many are not moved by the money aspect. They are accustomed to a daily 9 to 5 hourly wage job. Extremely large numbers scare them. Show them how they can gradually increase their income before you feed them the big picture. I know that building trust can be challenging, but it will be worth it in the long run when you have an large downline that is thankful for what you taught them.

Below is a business model that all future partners & clients should be following:

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