Are You A Lead Generator, Or A Network Marketer?

I know that the above title may seem ironic, but let’s face it, without leads there’s no network marketing; and without network marketing there would be no need for leads. Plus, I can’t write about these subjects without distinguishing the two.

First, a lead generator is someone or something that attracts prospects or customers for a company or member service. If you are a successful lead generator or have a lead generation service or software program, you most likely have a solid method of recruiting people. For online marketing, this is what every marketer needs to get new people.

Now, let’s talk about network marketing. This is when you meet a new person and try to create a rapport with that person for a long term business partnership. Some are really good at networking, while others are not. This is why some need lead generation in order to get partners or customers.

Being a lead generator makes you a pro at bringing in prospects in large numbers. There are no personal ties or commitments with the person being targeted. When you network with someone you’re getting to know them on a personal level, or at least as a professional. This is looked at as the better way to build a team. Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who do well on their own. But, once they become successful, they attract a lot of attention from other partners, forcing them to network.

So, which one are you? Are you a better lead generator? Or, are you a good networker? Either way you will meet your goals. I like to use a personal touch. I want to be the “Jerry Maguire” of network marketing. But, I have a real knack for lead generation! 😎