Are You A Lead Generator, Or A Network Marketer?

I know that the above title may seem ironic, but let’s face it, without leads there’s no network marketing; and without network marketing there would be no need for leads. Plus, I can’t write about these subjects without distinguishing the two. First, a lead generator is someone or something that attracts prospects or customers for […]

Tired Of Trying To Convince Others

Have you ever tried tirelessly to convince someone to see your perspective? Well, as network marketers we try to persuade others to try our products or services. Unfortunately, we know the word “No” all too well. Not everyone will give us the time of day. In fact, we’re trained to accept “No” for an answer, […]

AI Revolution? Atomy To The Rescue!

Are you prepared for the AI(Artificial Intelligence) revolution? If you ever wondered why network marketing companies are recruiting at an alarming rate; it’s because you know that despite the pandemic, we are entering a time of job uncertainty. Who knows how long it will take to get back on track. In the meantime you can […]

Find The Significance in MLM

There is a significance to Multi-Level Marketing(MLM). What is the significance? Well, MLM is a way for everyday people to help each other become successful. In fact, it is impossible to be successful without someone else’s help. Sure, you could gamble, but that is pure luck if you pull it off. Multi-Level Marketing is defined […]

Realize Your Potential

A good friend of mines just told me that in India the women are more likely to realize their potential in network marketing than men. For some reason it turns out to be true. The men are usually predisposed to doing other cultural things. Believe it or not, here in America it’s about even. Although, […]

The Power Of Atomy

I recently watched an Atomy marketing video by Steven Saunders (DM) for like the 5th time, and it did what it always did; it got me thinking about the power of Atomy. I’m talking about how working with Atomy can change your life. Steven Saunders talked about his definition of residual income. He stated, “Residual […]