Competitive Marketers

I got today’s blog idea from an experience I just had with a fellow marketer. This marketer contacted me through social media by friend suggestion. I checked the guy’s background out and gladly accepted his request. He later sent a greeting video, which I thought was unique. So, I followed up with a greeting of my own and invited him to check out my site; as well as asking for a link to his site.

This guy had the audacity to assume that I wouldn’t care about his offer and and that he wouldn’t care about mine. He used a few superlatives to say that we don’t know or trust each other, and that I wouldn’t believe him if he pitched his product. Now, I’m going to forget the fact that he is a 19 year old. Okay, no I’m not! LOL.

I don’t know about this kid’s upbringing or who burned him; but where in the heck did he get this idea to be competitive with a fellow marketer? So, I began to think, don’t this guy know that we work through traffic exchanges and similar promotion companies to learn about other offers? This kid was a total jerk and I felt bad for his future in the marketing business.

The truth is I was curious about his opportunity because I like looking into multiple income streams. You may be doing something that I would like to invest in, and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

I know that we’re trying hard to be noticed, but most of us are recycling information between us. We are marketing the same products, but with an upgrade or two. So, should we consider ourselves competitive?

The companies that create the systems are the ones that are competing because they try to expand on the others’ technology. I will write a post on this at a later date, but if you’re like me, you know that partnerships is how we succeed in this business. So, to that young man that was a jerk to me, I hope you find grace in what you’re trying to do. But, if you don’t discover how to work with others, you’re going to self-destruct in this business.

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