Continue To Do What You’re Doing, But!

Many of us have been bombarded by online coaches, gurus, and pretenders marketing their wannabe incredible traffic software products. Once we give them our email addresses to explore their so-called easy 1 to 3 step clicking systems; we find out that they’re iframe codes that require other marketers to participate in order for you to get the traffic that they claim to already have.

Next, there ar the people that claim to get you tons of sales if you buy into their training systems. They try to trick you with their make believe years of experience, which somehow justifies their $1000 plus price tags. Ultimately, you end up finding out that all they’re giving you is a bunch of pre-written emails, worn out funnels, and links to their affiliate offers.

The scam that upsets me the most is the guy that tells you that you have to sell high dollar products in order to make a living. But wait, you also have to pay him a $1000 plus in order to find out how to get these high dollar items and where to sell them. Once again you have to pay more money for all of their affiliate offers to get started. What a big financial hole for you.

Now, a guy like me comes along and explains the whole plan to you, as well as your whole commitment, and you may run for the hills. You see, you can’t believe that I’m giving you a free membership, free website with no maintenance fees, no annual fees, and no monthly purchase requirements to get your payouts. All you have to do is maintain your active status by buying a product as low as $2.50 once a year. And, the total truth is that you have to invest some money by buying products that you use everyday. Products that many, including myself, consider to be the best! And, they are better for you.

The benefits are that you get a global ID that can be shared all over the world. You get to build an unlimited team in a system that allows you to help others become successful, which in turn makes you more successful. You get to earn lifetime personal points that qualify you for promotions.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t give that guru thousands ahead of time, you would’ve be able to team up with me. That coach or guru has made you skeptical of true offers. But wait, there is hope for you my friend!

Like I said earlier, you can really sign up for free, get to see how this business works, try the products, and then you can share the products and the business with others. There are no direct sales unless you choose to do so. The products sale themselves. You don’t have to worry too much about team building because your sponsor and others before him or her will help you build your team. You do however have to make an effort in order to help yourself advance sooner than later. It’s at your own pace.

You will receive free training from top professionals in the company through weekly webinars and videos on our site or YouTube videos. All you have to do is participate and watch as many as you can. They will help you stay focused and well informed. It’s business rule #1.

So, you can Click on the “Join Us” tab at the top of this blog, or you Click on the “Sign Up” tab and fill out the sign up form. Finally, membership does have its privileges. You get to advance through your efforts and earn huge bonuses.

Please, do not let this opportunity go to waste. This company has been around for 14 years and is in 14 countries. They are expanding to 6 more this year with the expectations of expanding to 64 more countries. You can pass this business on to your children, and they can pass it on to their children. Isn’t it worth the effort of working diligently at this business and secure the lifestyles of your family and friends. Now that’s real hope my friend.

So, you can continue to do what you’re doing, but you have a better opportunity with us to secure a long-term future for yourself and others. We are waiting for you, and you are always welcome.

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