Hating the Stipulations

Oh the phrase “This is how we do business!” Every company has their own rules and regulations. They have registration fees, bonus conditions, and of course payout stipulations. Like it or not, you have to follow these rules in order to get paid.

Unfortunately, these things are what cause people to not sign up or quit before they get started. We must understand that aside from a company giving us an opportunity, they are also in business to make money. They created a system, set up the rules, and planned for results.

If you are a person ruled by logic, you would join a new company with the same mentally that you used to get your daily job. The company should be Free to join or sign up, have a well-defined salary, and have benefits that include bonuses.

Next, you should want room for growth. No one wants to be a worker bee forever. A company should pursuade you to stay by making room for your advancement. They should show you that you can have a bigger slice of the pie.

So, if we let logic, or what we really want out of company guide us, we can accept the stipulations and not hate them.

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