Oh No! It’s A MLM. Run!

The age old acronym MLM which stands for “Multi-Level Marketing”, or if you’re a pessimist “Most Lose Money.” Thank goodness it is now called network marketing. And, network marketing in many cases is the improved system of the failed illegal pyramid schemes.

It’s strange how the largest marketing company in the world is still operating like the old system, but I won’t go into that. Now, many of the new companies have switched to a binary system that helps their new members get off to a fast start. Let’s face it, if your entry level people don’t make money, they don’t stick around.

To be totally honest, all network marketing programs require some sort of investment. When you start any program it’s like buying stock in the company. That company thanks you by giving you a nice title and fast tracks you to the front of the line. Of course there are those who can’t afford such a large investment and they have to advance at their own pace. Hopefully, they understand that it is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Then, there are the give me money now members, who are ready to jump ship if they don’t see results right away. It takes work early on to create the income that you want. You have to build a team, attend the necessary meetings, and market your opportunity. In other words, focus on the big picture and stay the course.

Overnight success is a rare thing, and you would have to have a team in waiting to sign up. I’m a true believer in that anything is possible. If you can go all out and invest big, do it. If you can’t do it, take your time, because eventually you will be able to invest more and get the bigger returns.

So, just because a company looks and sounds like an MLM; doesn’t mean it’s run the same way others were in the past. Stay positive because these companies have to abide by the law and avoid the pyramid scheme structure. If you do your due diligence and investigate your ideal company; there’s no need to run if you’re willing to dedicate yourself and stick it out.

If you need to talk with like-minded network marketers in a forum setting; or you need to recruit a partner to help you with your online business, you can go here to find everything you need. Enjoy your marketing journey.

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