The Power Of Atomy

I recently watched an Atomy marketing video by Steven Saunders (DM) for like the 5th time, and it did what it always did; it got me thinking about the power of Atomy. I’m talking about how working with Atomy can change your life.

Steven Saunders talked about his definition of residual income. He stated, “Residual income gives you the ability to break the cycle of trading time for money.” So he used the financial example in the photo below to describe the minimum of what a person can make per month at the 1st level of promotion compared to what a person would have to invest to make close to the same amount of money.

So, because of the example above, many have joined Atomy to duplicate the same success. If you are a ROI (Return On Investment) person, you know what to expect if you make a particular investment. Well, with Atomy you make purchases that have point value (PV). And that PV translates into monetary value or cash.

With Atomy you can make $60 to $1200 in general commission per day. In my previous article I showed you how much you can make with general commission and mastership promotion bonuses. Well, in this article i want you to understand that you have an opportunity to make a life changing income by buying essential everyday products. These products are in my opinion the best! And, the most important thing is that they are sold at the best possible price. Look at the picture below.

As you can see, Atomy sends their products from the producer directly to the consumer. That means that they are able to offer the lowest possible price. So, as a consumer you get a fair and righteous exchange in value. Now, couple that with telling someone else about Atomy and their products, and you can make an unlimited income. No other company can offer you that kind of trade off. Products that you can use, and that you don’t have to sale, and still make a life changing income.

The power of Atomy is so simple, you can get it for free. You get to acquire all the benefits. And, if you decide to stop, you don’t lose anything. There are so many people helping you build your business. Your success is their success. Check out my article “Buy Your Own Products, Gain An Income.”

Atomy’s influence can be seen through the thousands of successful members. They are a company with nearly 10 million members and counting. Every time I sign up a new member, the company IDs leap by hundreds. That’s because people are catching on around the world. This opportunity will be here for years. I suggest that you come on board now and reap the benefits of Atomy’s continued growth.

The growth I’m talking about is the 60 plus countries Atomy has yet to open. With 16 countries already, you can see the power that comes with global partnership. So, if you would like to join our team, you can sign up Here. As always, I wish you the best.

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