Tired Of Trying To Convince Others

Have you ever tried tirelessly to convince someone to see your perspective? Well, as network marketers we try to persuade others to try our products or services. Unfortunately, we know the word “No” all too well. Not everyone will give us the time of day. In fact, we’re trained to accept “No” for an answer, and then return to the same person as many times as possible to get a “Yes.”

I admit that often times it’s frustrating to pitch someone a solid presentation and they still don’t get it. So, when I imagine myself in their shoes, I realize that if my brain is focused on “No” the whole time, there’s no way that I can truly listen, watch, and understand a presentation. If our audience isn’t open-minded to our efforts, we’re rolling a ball uphill.

The result of all this is that we get perplexed and have to decide if our efforts are worth it. Should we just allow others to stay oblivious to what we can offer them. We already know that what we do isn’t for everyone, but it is possible for everyone. As marketers we want to help people. Likewise, we want people to help us.

If you are a marketer, can you truly say that your products or services are the best or at least beneficial to your customers? Is the company that you’re working for really giving your customers real deals? If you have to charge 2 to 5 times or more for a product, then you are not offering a good value to your customers.

The reason I brought this up is because your company has ruined the perception of other good companies. We have to work extra hard to debunk the logic that your company used to try to obtain customers. So, when I say that I am tired of trying to convince people; I mean I am tired of trying to fix what others have broken.

I know that what I do is highly beneficial to our consumers because they get to use the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. They have the liberty to order whatever they want whenever they want. As a marketer I will keep pushing forward, and continue to look for new consumers. But, understand that sometimes I get tired of trying to convince others. How about you?