What Should You Look For In A Company for Leveraged Residual Income

Someone recently told me that Atomy doesn’t make them money fast enough. Now, I know for a fact that everyone is told how long it takes to make “Real” money in Atomy. Yes, it’s true that many desire fast money, but like I mentioned before in a previous article, fast money is usually short term.

Let’s talk about the “Real” money aspect of Atomy. You start Atomy like any business, with the exception of the Free startup costs. You get going by purchasing products that you use everyday. That is your investment. It’s not a waste of money because you get to use their great products at great prices.

Every time you make a purchase with Atomy you earn qualifying points that dictate your payout. There’s no monthly quotas or qualifying. You just need to earn points towards the amount you will be paid. Money is based on the consumers or partners that you bring into your business.


If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Yes, you get help from other partners; but you have to work the business yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting on others to help me get paid.

Now, the “Big” money comes when you grow your business to the qualifying levels. The company promotes you when you accumulate a certain amount of points and partner points.

Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not easy early on. First you sign up to start your business, then you have to create and execute your business plan. Do you plan to recruit people in person or over the internet? Can you create capture pages or get online leads? Can you close the deal by signing up new partners? Learning how to market your business is the key to your success.

The video above may talk about having great products or services, but you also need a great plan for making money. You don’t have to know these things when you sign up; you just need to be willing to learn as you go and understand that it will take time before you start seeing the numbers that you want. Most online businesses take 2 to 3 years to develop stability.

So, sign up with Atomy, learn the business, and be patient. There’s no reason to worry, you have great products at the lowest possible prices. You can leverage residual income if you actually work the Atomy marketing plan. Time is your on your side. A better quality of life awaits you if you stay diligent and eager to go to the top. At Atomy we all rise up.